Another amazing Memphis Zombie Massacre in the books

It was an unseasonably muggy Friday evening, but Memphis came out in droves for the sixth-annual Memphis Zombie Massacre. There were Pikachu zombies, gardener zombies, Titanic zombies, superhero zombies, zombies in wheelchairs, zombies on walkers, zombies in strollers, zombies in wagons, zombies who dragged one foot behind them the ENTIRE way, zombie Trekkies, zombie Sasquatches, steampunk zombie fighters, zombie Grizzlies fans, zombies who had busted through mini-blinds, zombies who wanted kisses, and SO MUCH MORE.

What makes the whole event even better is that we raised more than 750 pounds of food and $100 for the Mid-South Food Bank, once again proving that it’s possible to do something completely crazy and fun and still do good works for the community.

So thank you, Memphis, for your continued support of this event. And thank you to all our volunteers, who each played an integral part in getting the walk accomplished. We could not do it without each and every one of you. We look forward to the next go ’round. In the meantime, stay up on Memphis Zombies news at our Facebook and Twitter pages. We hope to have some exciting announcements to share in the coming months.

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